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Quartz Crystal Pyramid Sound Healing  allows you to enter into an altered state of consciousness where your everyday world is put on pause and you are given the opportunity to connect with your higher self.  When we are in this relaxed state we are able to allow healing to take place, whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual or mental.


The frequency of the tones of the quartz crystal pyramids has the ability to enter the body on a cellular level, removing blockages and shift energy where needed


Even if you drift off to sleep, your will still receive the benefits of the sound. Each person experiences the tones of the pyramids in a different way.


At the end of the session the gentle lull of the Hapi drum and Koshi chimes will allow you to come back to the physical while soothing the soul with their angelic tones.

Private session:

Fee: $60 - 30 Minutes

Contact me about dates planned for group sessions or get a small group together and book your own.


Thank you so much. I can't explain it but it's like my body was out of tune and now it's found a new rhythm....I just want to bathe in it and the words spoke right to my soul. Was beautiful.


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